Radiating Pain

Many people experience radiating pain as a component of neck pain or low back pain. A person with neck pain might have pain that radiates down her arm, possibly into the hand.1 A person with low back pain might have accompanying leg pain, possibly traveling into the foot.

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Short-Term and Long-Term Health

Chiropractic care is the one form of health care that keeps on giving. Chiropractic care certainly helps people to recover from short-term health problems, but this powerful method of healing also helps people stay well and assists in preventing new problems from developing.

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About My Pain?

No one really wants to be a worrier. We certainly don’t want to visit our chiropractor or family doctor for every ache and pain. But eventually we all experience physical problems and it may be difficult to know what to do about them. Some problems are immediate and serious.

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Meet The Doctor

After serving thousands of patients in North Carolina for the past 7 years Drs. John and Danielle Moore have moved their family wellness chiropractic office to Davie, FL. Dr. John and Dr. Danielle met in Atlanta while attending chiropractic college. They started a practice in Mooresville, NC where they practiced and enjoyed being a part of a great community. After having their first baby girl, Savannah Grace, they decided to move to South Florida to be closer to family.

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