How does Live Well Chiropractic determine a patient’s diagnosis?

At Live Well Chiropractic, our approach to determining a patient’s diagnosis involves a combination of advanced diagnostic equipment and a thorough hands-on examination and history analysis. Our highly trained doctors and staff utilize state-of-the-art technology to assist in the diagnostic process. However, we believe a comprehensive understanding of a patient’s condition goes beyond relying solely on technology.

Upon your visit, our dedicated team will take the time to conduct a detailed examination, carefully evaluating your symptoms, medical history, and any relevant factors that may contribute to your condition. By listening attentively to your concerns and conducting a physical examination, we aim to gather as much information as possible.

Additionally, we value the importance of patient education, and it plays a crucial role in our diagnostic process. Once we have gathered the necessary information, we will provide you with a clear and thorough explanation of your condition, helping you understand its contributing factors.

By combining advanced diagnostic equipment, a comprehensive hands-on examination, and an emphasis on patient education, we aim to determine your diagnosis accurately. We aim to provide you with a specific and customized care plan tailored to your needs, fostering your overall wellness and recovery.