Roylan Valdivia

The best customer service in a doctor office by a long shot. I came in on a Friday with two of your pain on my neck and shoulder, the office staff accommodating me right away after seeing the doctor and the therapist felt relieved from my pain immediately. But what was most impressive is that their youngest Doctor (woman)Who initially saw me, give me a call that afternoon at 7 o'clock at night to ask how I was doing, what Doctor calls you back at 7 o'clock at night on a Friday just to ask how are you feeling. I've had four sessions since my first initial visit and my pain level has gone from an 9 to 2. I also highly highly highly recommend Carmen who works on me after my initial visit with the doctor to release that nerve and all that pain I have. Thank you Carmen, the front desk staff and the doctors for such a great experience.

- Roylan Valdivia

Ida Winstead